MICHELE STEEVES– February 10, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

I have been using Nutraphase products for over a year and am prettypretty to exclusive to their line. The fish oils are effective and have no fish after taste. The greens and berries are delicious and have a great ratio of micro greens and phytochemicals. The vegan protein is the best I’ve ever used. All clean and free of artificial anything. Highly recommend

LAURIE BLAIND– February 1, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

I begin my day, EVERYDAY with Nutraphase… their products help start my engine… and keep me running strong throughout my day…. If you haven’t tried these products yet… I HIGHLY recommend you do… WON’T be disappointed!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

BRETT CURRIE– February 11, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

Nutraphase products are amazing. As a competitive athlete , the clean nutraphase products insure I get the most out of my supplements. I would highly recommend all of there products. My two personal favourites are the grape bcaa and the New Zealand whey . They also have planted based protein options as well. Amazing company !!!

SAMANTHA DROST– March 1, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

I’ve been looking for natural supplements for so long that don’t taste grainy or bitter and Nurtaphase has nailed it!! I don’t think I would ever purchase from anywhere else, the orange flavoured bcaa’s are currently my favourite, but just ordered sour peach and so excited to try it!

DEBBIE KING– March 18, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

The plant-based protein and greens have become staples in my daily nutrition, while the whey protein and BCAA/EAAs are now workout essentials. All mix well and taste great! Very satisfied.

CHELSEA CRAIG– January 31, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

Great company! Highly recommend their EAA’s, can never start a workout with them. Super yummy😋

SIMONA MARGINE– February 18, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

Glad to have finally found a brand that shares the same values – clean yet effective and tasty! Thanks.

JOHN ALDERMAN– January 15, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

The Fish Oil is great doesn’t have that fishy taste which is great & the Chocolate New Zealand Whey Protein tastes great as well , overall happy with the products will definitely continue to use them .

JULIANNO SCAGLIONE– February 1, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

Nutraphase is an amazing product line of clean and effective supplements. As a person who lives with Celiac disease I 100% trust all of their products as they are gluten free  and have no artificial flavors  or colours. Nutraphase Has been by my side through 3 competitive Men’s Physique competitions. As a trainer I recommend Nutraphase stacks to all of my clients. Know whats in your cup with Nutraphase.

KAILA CONSTAND – February 11, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

I love the Nutraphase products! They are made in Canada and do not have any artificial colours, sweeteners, or flavours. It is nice to see a supplement company that is careful about each and every ingredient that goes into the products.  The company does not have any proprietary blends, they list the actual amounts and ratios of what is in the product. Artificial sweeteners can cause a lot of digestive upset in people, and those with digestive disorders are even more affected. The cleaner the products are, the easier it is to be absorbed and used by the body. It is much appreciated that the products are are gluten free for those who have trouble sourcing supplements. I really appreciate that a CLEAN and CONSCIOUS company like this exists in a market that is saturated with lesser quality products. I would recommend the Nutraphase line to anyone who has in interest in fitness, cross-fit, sports, outdoor activities or simply wants to incorporate supplements into their lifestyle. Because of the low sugar, low fat, low calorie nature of a lot of the products, they are great for women!! The Greens and Berries powder makes getting your veggie/fruit/vitamin/antioxidants daily easy and the flavours are delicious.

TERRI SKEHEN– February 1, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

I start each and everyday with Nutraphase Greens & Berries! I’ve tried many greens in the past and this brand is hands down the best! Not only are these greens free of artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners but they taste really good as well! I have tried all 3 flavours and like the all! The fruit punch is my favourite! Highly recommend!

SEAN MALONE– February 12, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

I’ve been supplementing for around a decade, and this is a company I back. Great ingredients, great results from the product line, and delicious flavours !

TYLER SHARPE– January 11, 2019 Rated 5 out of 5

Amazing company, highly recommend every single product they carry, great taste!

JAMIE OSBORNE  Rated 5 out of 5

i love everything about this product. Great flavours with even better tastes couldn’t be more happy with my BCAA’s

ARLENE FULLER  Rated out of 5

I’m new to the ‘supplement’ phase of my healthy lifestyle change. I tried my first bottle of LEANER a month or so ago. People have actually told me that I look thinner aka “leaner” even though I haven’t lost that much weight! That’s huge! Just wish it would come back in stock so I can re-order

ARLENE FULLER  Rated out of 5

Kick start every day with GREENS & BERRIES. I honestly think it has really helped with my digestion. I’ve tried MOJITO and FRUIT PUNCH. Love them both. Looking forward to trying ORANGE!

LILY  Rated 5 out of 5

Really like this fish oil. I don’t get that fishy taste like some other brands and I find they go down easy. Overall very happy with the product!

LUCA  Rated 5 out of 5

I have tried all the different BCAA flavors. Personally I enjoyed the taste of them all but if having to choose, Grape, and Kiwi Lime are my favorites. They are all very refreshing, smooth, mix very well and as many others have said, keeps my energy level up all day.

BRAD CONRAD  Rated 5 out of 5

This New Zealand Whey is 100% my new favourite protein. I have it every day post work out, I have cooked with it, thrown it in smoothies and I toss it in my morning oats from time to time as well. The Taste never disappoints. Even just mixing with water it is Fantastic.
Highly, highly, highly Recommended. Both flavours are killer!!!!!!!!


I really like this protein! I use it daily post workout! It tastes great, mixes well and digests easily! And the best part is it is free of anything artificial! No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. Both flavours taste great! Highly recommend!


Nutraphase Plant Based Protein Don’t like the consistency of Vegan protein powder? This product is certainly NOT chalky like the formulas used by other brands! The consistency is fantastic – it mixes extremely well and most of all it tastes great! I use 1 scoop of this product daily in my morning oats. Absolutely delicious!


I’ve tried both the chocolate and chocolate mocha protein and love them both! I’ve made protein treats, added the chocolate mocha to coffee and have had it just as a shake! Each way it mixed well and tasted amazing! Looking forward to trying the French vanilla! If you are looking for a clean, great tasting vegan protein powder look no further!


The product itself is amazing. I am a big fan of Pre Train because of the type of energy it provides during workouts. It is more of an uplifting sustained energy and gives you a lot of focus. I take 2 scoops and its perfect for me. Since this is apart of the clean line, I find it is MUCH lighter tasting then most pre workouts. I prefer to mix it with very little amount of water, to get more flavour. Recommend this product to those who are looking for an extra boost in a workout, not an extremely intense overwhelming pre workout.


Amazing taste, great results & one of the only pre workouts that doesn’t give me a jittery/ tingly feeling!


It doesn’t get any better than this. A clean pre-workout that provides everything you need prior to resistance training. Mixes exceptionally well and taste great.


A Clean Energy Pre-Workout with NO CRASH!! Gives me just enough energy to get through those long workouts without the jitters!!
Plus there is no artificial sweeteners, which makes it that much better.
5 STAR TASTE!!*****


I been working out for almost 7 years now and this has to be one of my all time favorite pre workout formulas. Theres no crash after taking it, the taste is great and it provides great physical benefits for strength and endurance. I definitely recommend this pre train product.


Pre Train is now one of my favourite supplements to have on hand. I have taken many pre-workouts throughout my fitness journey and this product is at the top. I have never had a per-workout that helped my mental focus the way Pre-Train does. My music is on, my skin is buzzing, and i’m so focused! Pushing through heavier and heavier weight.

This product is one to have on the shelf of training tools. Great benefits, great taste, and helps gives you an amazing workout.


The one supplement I will continue to use for the rest of my life. Fish Oils are IMPERATIVE for everyday health and wealth and being. Fish oils support brain development and cognitive function. It’s my brain that makes decisions, that loves, that makes money, that cares; it’s the one muscle in your body that never stops working so take care of it.


Fish Oil A great product with tremendous benefits for a very affordable price!

RACHELE DENDEKKER  Rated 5 out of 5

So thrilled that Nutraphase has a clean fish oil now!
I’ve been pleased with all products thus far, and adding a new addition to their line makes my choice to change brands of fish oil a no brainer.

ANTONIO  Rated 5 out of 5

Fish Oil Omegas are very important in the daily diet and now coming from a clean company in the industry, amazing products


I love NutraPhase Clean Fish Oil.
I have taken fish oils for a long time as my daily vitamin/supplement sack and I have to say I like this one the best. It has tons of benefits and digests well so you don’t get the “fishy” burps you can get from other fish oils.
Awesome product at a great price.


Nutraphase fish oil is part of my daily supplement stack. Omega 3 fatty acids are important to overall health and wellness helping with bone and joint support as well as brain function. With Nutraphase Clean Fish Oil I can trust that I am putting a quality product into my body daily.


LEANR Just have to say that this fat burning product has been a huge help during these last few weeks. It’s always nice having a supplement that supports my active lifestyle and nutrition.

TERRI  Rated 5 out of 5

Love this fat burner! I definitely notice a difference with fat loss when taking LEANR. I especially like taking it prior to my fasted cardio sessions. It gives me added energy without any crash afterwards. If you are looking to lean out I highly recommend adding LEANR to your supplement stack!

ANTONIO  Rated 5 out of 5

LEANR Before fasted cardio definitely does the trick, this product is one of the best I have tried until date.

JACOB  Rated 5 out of 5

Getting older is never easy and boy was my belly and body starting to show it. I needed a change and the Clean Nutraphase(LEANR) fat incinerator product provided just that. It not only increased my energy but made me feel full longer which was the perfect combination for me to drop the pounds. So encouraging to actually get something that works.

KARA GLEN  Rated 5 out of 5

Great product! I cycle on and off of Clean LEANR and like to use this when im looking to cut down. I will take 3 in the morning instead of coffee and for an energy boost before my workout. It does suppress my appetite and keeps my energy levels high for most of the day. Then after a few weeks of this I will start taking 3 mid day. I find it works well to assist in leaning out. No crash, I highly recommend.


I have 3 pills waiting on my dresser every morning of LEANR!

I take this every morning on a empty stomach 60 minutes before eating and the results have been incredible the last few months!

I truly love this fat burner.

DOMINIC  Rated 5 out of 5

I am a really big fan of this product. Mainly because of it’s fat burning properties including cayenne pepper and green tea extract. I love taking this before my fasted cardio in the morning. It completely kills my appetite. Absolutely recommend for anyone looking to shed some extra pounds!


FAT INCINERATOR!!! Works like a charm. This fat burner has me sweating like no other in my daily workout and cardio sessions. I used this throughout my bikini prep and the results were unreal. No heartburn or side affects were felt by myself. Highly recommended


I have always used fat burners, but often get heartburn or “gut rot” but NOT with LEANR! I love these as they offer a noticeable boost in energy and fat loss but no crash and no upset stomach! I start with 2 mid morning and 2 mid afternoon for 1 week then 3 and 3 for the remainder of the bottle. I love that they offer a mild appetite suppressant as well. 10/10

ANGELA  Rated 5 out of 5

The name of this product says it all. When Nutraphase came out with LEANR I ordered it immediately and was seeing the number on the scale drop within a week. It makes me sweat an incredible amount and doesn’t leave me feeling jittery or with a crash.I have recommended it to so many people and all of my co-workers now use LEANR to help achieve their weight loss goals. Definitely a vital part of my Nutraphase Stack and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to push their fitness to the next level.

BRAD CONRAD  Rated 5 out of 5

I absolutely love the BCAAs. All flavors are amazing. I take a scoop in the morning with some glutamine right as I wake and then another scoop right after the gym. I have really found it to help with keeping my muscle when deiting to loose wait. Flavour of choice is Grape or Lemon Iced Tea. So So So Good.

TOMMY  Rated 5 out of 5

No matter what flavour you choose I’m sure you will be satisfied with the taste and smooth blend. If your on the market for a product that provides no artificial sweeteners, flavours and colors then I’d recommend trying out anyone of these amazing supplements. My personal favorites has been the grape and pineapple flavours :).


These are by far THE best BCAA’s on the market right now. The lemon Iced tea is ultimately my favourite! It’s a guilt free lemon iced tea flavour that helps me not to cave into cravings & have an actual super sugary processed iced tea! Not to mention the health & training benefits! Healthier iced tea never tasted so good, or worked SO WELL with my body intra/post workout! Thank you for creating this amazing product, can’t wait to try what else this amazing company has to offer!


best tasting bcaas ive ever had. the pineapple is definitely my favourite. this being a clean line with no artificial sweeteners, flavours and colors also is very appealing to me. the pineapple taste exactly like pineapple juice!

PATRICK L  Rated 5 out of 5

This bcaa product is by far my favourite bcaas on the market. I enjoy the taste of the iced tea bcaas the most and the fact that its a clean product makes me feel guilt free when i drink it during my workouts. I Love that it has an electrolyte complex which has been helping alot with my muscle cramping during my workouts, especially leg day. I recommend anyone to take this product before during or after working out!


Nutraphase Clean BCAA is a daily staple in my supplement routine. It fuels my training and assists with recovery so I can get right back to training the next day! I find it also curbs my hunger and satisfies my sweet tooth! I have tried every flavour and love them all! They taste amazing and are free of artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners!

BRENDA BROUILLARD  Rated 5 out of 5

Loving the new Orange flavour BCAA. It has a very refreshing taste and taste amazing when made into a slushie, especially during the warm summer months. When I have demoed the product, Orange seems to be the most favoured from customers who are sampling.

CARLIE  Rated 5 out of 5

Nutraphase CLEAN BCAAs are in my daily Supplement routine!! With no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavouring, I can reach my HEALTH goals, while reaching my goals in the gym! My favourite flavours are the Orange and the Pineapple. Very sweet and delicious any time of the day. I take them immediately when I wake up in the morning and during my workouts (especially during cardio sessions)!! Great to sip on all day long to get your water in as well!

ANGELIQUE HALLIDAY  Rated 5 out of 5

BCAA No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors and not to mention gluten free and vegan friendly! I have tried every flavor, mixed flavors together and it never gets old. Great taste, perfect for pre, post, and intra workout. Highly recommended!!

DEREK T  Rated 5 out of 5

I mix Nutraphase BCAAS in a big bottle with water and sip on it all day. This product tastes great, works great, mixes well & keeps my energy levels up all day!

TERESA  Rated 4out of 5

Greens & Berries Very good product. The texture is super smooth and if you weren’t looking at what you’re drinking you would have no idea you’re drinking greens. Would have given 5 stars if there was an unflavoured option, as I have to triple the amount of water to get it to a sweetness level I can tolerate.

OMRAN  Rated 5 out of 5

I personally never liked drinking greens until i have tried Nutraphase Clean Greens and Berrie’s. It tastes amazing and i have definitely started feeling better through out my day because my diet always lacked the vegetables component of it. I do really recommended it to everyone because of the overall health benefits!!

TERRI  Rated 5 out of 5

I start each and every day with Nutraphase Greens and Berries. I have tried many in the past and these are the best tasting greens I have ever tried! I love all 3 flavours! I have definitely noticed better digestion since adding these greens to my diet!


Once you try these greens you will never look at another… it is so easy to drink these every morning, especially the new Mojito Flavor!!! For anyone who isn’t a fan of veggies this is a must to their supplement stack!


I have tried a lot of brands of Greens and by far Nutraphase is my favourite. I love how easy it mixes and the delicious taste makes it easy to disguise in smoothies so my children don’t even know they are getting a serving of their greens

BRAD CONRAD  Rated 5 out of 5

I absolutely love my Greens & berries mojito flavour! I have a scoop every morning with my breakfast and in addition to the refreshing taste, I have noticed a tremendous benefit with my overall digestion throughout the day. A lot of greens shakes can taste “grassy” and make you have to use the bathroom frequently but this does not. Nutraphase greens & berries really has a great flavour (I have tried both Mojito and Fruit punch) and makes you feel great. You have to give them a try, you will not be disappointed!!!


Greens & Berries Loved the flavor and the way this greens and berries product made me feel. I had better digestion as well as more energy. Definitely recommend this product

CHRISTINE  Rated 5 out of 5

the best greens i have ever had. having tried so many trying to find one that actually tastes good and not gross, gritty or make you want to vomit. they really did an amazing job masking the “greens” and you can taste the flavour. fruit punch is amazing and its even amazing in a protein smoothie. alone with water and they’re also great! you must try these!

ALISHA BHANOTE  Rated 5 out of 5

Only greens that I can actually have because the taste is great & doesn’t even feel like I am having a greens powder. Mix fruit punch greens with the raspberry BCAA’s and it tastes out of this world!!!!

KARA GLEN  Rated 5 out of 5

I was extremely surprised by the taste of this greens! Most greens are extremely chalky, taste like a powdered vegetable and are impossible to drink when mixing with just water. This Nutraphase Clean greens is actually delicious. Generally I am a big fan of fruit punch flavour overall. But I really really enjoy this orange flavour. I have it every morning, shake in a shaker up. I highly recommend this to everyone, weather it is someone looking to improve their overall health or an athlete


Most alternative veggie drinks taste poorly, but these Nutraphase Greens & Berries were definitely a shock. The fact it has one full serving of greens and one full serving of phytoberries, you wouldn’t even believe it. Both flavors are amazing, fruit punch literally taste like a juice, and the orange flavor goes down just like orange juice! Not to mention, there are 0 artificial flavors used. 100% recommend.

CHRIS FINLAY  Rated 5 out of 5

In my honest option I have tried many veggie greens but these bad boys are by far the best! Normally I had to mix the greens with orange juice which is pricey but Nutraphase went above and beyond and made it taste like orange juice! They had my heart on the first sip!


Without a doubt, these greens in the orange flavor are dynamite!! So good, so jam packed with nutrition, and so perfect for that “pick me up and get me going” drink first thing in the morning. Hands down, I highly recommend these greens for everyone. The orange flavor tastes just like orange juice!


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